Welcome to the first post

Welcome to the first sharing. It is my greatest hope that this website will develop over time to become a small oasis of peace and calm, thoughtfulness, and inspiration, for all those that rest here for a while.

I hope to share with you videos, books, writings, music, poetry, inspirations and ideas from others and myself.

I hope it will remind you that well being is always wanting to express itself through you.

I hope you will find something to soothe and nourish you back into your natural vibration of well being.

I hope you will learn something.

And it is my absolute wish for you to feel loved and supported.


From Being Emma


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the first post

  1. Janet Norman says:

    I feel soothed and inspired already by your gentle words and clear vision for what promises to be a very uplifting site of interest and variety. Looking forward to logging on often to all your news and articles. Janet, Hampshire

      • janet norman says:

        Dear Being Emma,

        My loving support will always be with you in abundance! You have so much to offer. Go for it. Sock it to the world!

        In warmest recognition of ‘you’.

        Janet xxx

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