The Essence Of Nurturing

The Essence of Nurturing.

Nurturing Energy Picture
by Rita Loyd

“ We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard, or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.”
John Lennon.

Definition of Nurture

From the root word to nurse-to care for, nourish, sustain, feed, support, foster, cherish, educate and train. That which nurtures provides you with a sense of value, pleasure, peace, well-being, happiness, gratitude and appreciation.

It is my belief that we can only offer care and nurturing in direct proportion to the understanding we have for the self and all of creation. If we lack understanding and knowledge of who we are then our capacity to care is limited. That is not to say that the intention to care isn’t pure and born out of love, and whilst good intention goes along way it does not necessarily heal, cure or nurture. I believe the deeper we understand the true nature of the universe and accept that we are creations of God, the greater capacity we have for compassion and care for ourselves and others.

One may have a great intention to care for a flower but without the knowledge and understanding of what the flower is, its divine nature, how it works and what it’s needs are then we could wrongly care for the flower and perhaps cause damage or even death, of the physical manifestation that we call flower.

If we did not know that the plant needed water and sunlight and minerals to survive and further more love, attention and positive regard to thrive, then our capacity to care is limited no matter what our intention.

The same is true for all life forms. But as the technocratic world takes over and we become ever more detached from nature there is a risk that we will become further detached from understanding the needs of the varying life forms on earth and what they need, to not only grow, but to thrive, expand and reach the full potential of their creative essence.

Unless we understand who we really are and how the universe, which we are so deeply linked to, works, then we have little chance of deeply nurturing each other.

Until we once again return to the forgotten knowledge that we are spiritual, vibrational and energetic beings, living in a universe that responds to our energetic transmissions, we will only have part of the information and knowledge needed to be able to know how to care for all living things.

I see a lot of people who are asleep to the reality of who they are.

They may be addressing only parts of their being, while totally neglecting (through lack of knowledge), huge parts of themselves.

If the only information we had about a flower was that it needed water and we knew nothing more, the plant would probably only live for a short time but would it thrive, would it have enough spare energy to flower and shine and be all that it could be?

Similarly with only partial information about our own self, we will provide the basic necessities to live, we will consume food and water and live for a short time but will we thrive, will we shine, will we have enough spare energy to heal, and laugh and run and jump and produce healthy off spring and to be all that we can be?

Some opposite words to Nurture are – to deprive, ignore, neglect and starve.

Without full knowledge of ourselves do we indeed deprive and starve ourselves? Through ignorance and false assumptions, misguided information, narrow-mindedness and fear are we failing to fully equip ourselves with the knowledge necessary to know how to truly nurture ourselves and are we putting up with living a life surviving on scraps?

When we understand more fully our essential nature we can begin to offer an environment, which will allow us to flourish.

If we have the blessings and privilege to know others who are privy to this knowledge then they too can help us to nurture ourselves. Intuitively they will act as a reminder of who we are.

They will know that it is not their place to get in the way of the divine creative process of your growth by imprinting their own values and standards onto you or trying to shape you into meeting their needs. Instead they will know you and trust in your process. They will feel your energy instead of listening to your story, they will believe the truth of you and not the lies, and they will provide an environment that will help you to grow.

When one who knows their truth offers nurture to another living thing, they provide the environment for it to thrive and flourish in the confidence that it will be loved and appreciated for all that it is, has become and will ever be.

The nurturer will have no attachment to the other becoming and they will stay impartial to the creative process. They will delight in the miracle and they will be excited to witness God in action, God becoming, God manifesting and expressing.

I wish for us all to receive and give deep nurturing.

With Love


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