More On Nurturing

Since the theme for me right now is on nurturing and what that means to me, it is no surprise that I have been shown and guided to insights about this. I have spoken to friends, read writings and listened for answers in my meditations.
In my previous writing I left out something so fundamentally important to nurturing and that is this…..


Having the space to grow is so vital, and not just any old space but a safe space.

When out of our knowledge and deep understanding we carefully water a plant, we then have to step back and give it space and time to become. We must trust in the plants own knowledge of itself and it’s magnificence. We must give gentle encouragement and focused loved. And then one day perhaps when we least expect it we will be blessed with seeing its beautiful flower.

We all have to walk our own path at our own pace regardless of if this is convenient, or right, or comfortable for others.

Giving ourselves the conditions we need to flourish is vital if we wish to see our inner flower blossom and radiate outside of ourselves.

When we are in possession of this gift we can then share it with others and enjoy the community garden of creation.

With all my love

4 thoughts on “More On Nurturing

  1. janet norman says:

    Dear Emma,

    Gorgeous and wise. This message and texts received and understood and very much appreciated. It is also wonderful to see how you are blossoming with the nurturing space you are allowing yourself. Feeling very connected to self again today.

    Much love, light and thanks,

    Janet xxx

    • completelyhealed says:

      Hey Janet
      I’m so pleased that you have reconnect to yourself, Thanks for you kind support i really appreciate you x

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