Even More on Nurturing

Over the last few weeks my focus has been on nurturing so it is of no surprise that the universe has brought me all the answers to my enquiry and of course much more.

Books are never far from my side, I generally carry one in my bag or put one in the car just in case the time and space opens up for me to enjoy them. I rarely read novels (although when one comes into my awareness I really enjoy it) mostly though it is some kind of spiritual text. Yesterday however I walked into town without putting one into my bag. I got half way there and thought “oh shite I don’t have my book” I considered going back but I really couldn’t be bothered, so I soothed myself by saying that it was a good opportunity to just sit and be whilst I drank my coffee. As I was heading to the coffee shop I passed Waterstones and a plan crossed my mind. I thought “ok there are some books I want to buy as Christmas gifts, so i’ll get them now and if I want to just have a little peep at them whilst sipping my coffee then I can”.  (Writing this I see that it might appear I have a small dependancy problem on books, whoops  hehehe)

Anyway I picked up 2 books written by Thich Nhat Hanh ‘Peace is in Every Breath and Peace is in Every Step’

I read this and I thought it tied in and beautifully supported what we have been opening up to and realising.

The excerpt  is from ‘Peace is Every Breath’

Boundless Love

True love brings only happiness; it never makes you suffer. In Buddhism, we see that it’s understanding that gives rise to true love. When we don’t understand the person whom we’re offering what we think is love, the more we love, the more we make that person suffer. As we have already seen, understanding is first of all being able to see the sources of pain and suffering in oneself and in the other person. A father who hasn’t understood the difficulties and suffering of his children cannot really love them and make them happy. He will keep scolding and trying to control them, making them suffer.When we think we’re loving someone but we don’t really understand him, we end up hurting him. 


So before we rush into Love let us stop and consider whether we have really deeply understood ourselves and others?

It has been my pleasure to share this with you.
Much love

13 thoughts on “Even More on Nurturing

  1. Adrian says:

    Hi Emma

    Love your blog. It stands out amongst so many similar sites, it glows with honesty, authenticity and compassion. You are very talented, and more power to you. Hope to meet you again soon.

  2. David says:

    “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

  3. rivermama5 says:

    I am reading ‘Peace is in every step’. I am slowly taking it in, because words like those need to be pondered upon, read calmly and allow the wisdom of the words to shine through. Thank you for sharing your words with me today…

    • completelyhealed says:

      I absolutely agree. I just love the book, the love that spills form every page is so beautiful. Thank you for reading and sharing x

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