Trust, Boundaries and Surrender

Last week I wrote about Surrender and my growing awarness of the beauty that lies within it, as well as my awareness of the pain and energy it takes to keep holding on. A friend shared with me that he didn’t surrender because he didn’t trust and a friend of his said “If you don’t trust then surrender is the ONLY option”, he added “surrendering when you trust isn’t really surrendering at all”. He asked me what I thought about this and I have been taking the question to meditation since.

For me surrender comes by trusting the Divine within me and outside of me, from trusting an energy bigger than myself. For me surrender comes when I know I can let go and fall into the arms of the universe, surrendering my control and trusting in the flow of life. Letting go of my conditioning, my hurts, my pain, my expectations and knowing. Letting go of my knowledge, my love and joy as well as my wants, hopes and fears. I open to and let go of it all, holding back no-thing.

Trust in the Divine is also an acknowledgement of ones own Divine nature. Turning ones attention to the Divine within allows the stickiness of living in the past or future and being attached to our ‘stories’ to dissolve and returns us back to the present moment. In the present we surrender our past as well as our future as we bathe in the now.

In the great dichotomy of life it is my experience that as I grow in self control and strengthen my personal boundaries my ability and willingness to surrender increases. The more I understand my separation, the more I understand oneness.

Clear boundaries (not so rigid that you can’t grow and not too wobbly you can’t lean again them ) create a deep feeling of safety within, which I believe is necessary for surrender.

If we aren’t sure whether we can keep ourselves safe from within, what  then are our choices?

If we don’t feel safe within ourselves we try to control the external world in an attempt to protect the internal feeling of fear.

On a deeply healing course I attended recently I had many opportunities to set my boundaries over and over again. Loving people who were kind and open hearted, wonderfully supported this process and they helped me to set my boundaries, keep my boundaries and if and when I was ready, they gently encouraged  me to push them out and expand.

The picture below is a common image which is a little incomplete as our facilitator explained.

magic happens

This picture explains the need to be out of the fear/terror zone and just outside the comfort zone in order for magic to happen.

Photo on 12-12-2012 at 09.18

Knowing your boundaries and having them heard, together with setting an intention of loving kindness, provides one the safety necessary to let go and surrender to life in a most deeply satisfying way. When we allow every inch of our being to relax in the warm arms of a loving divine presence, we are vulnerable and powerful. Whether that be the loving arms of the universe, an angel, a spirit guide, a loved one, a friend or pet. The energy of love is all the same.

Open to me, so that I may open.
Provide me with your inspiration.
So that I may see mine.

***I felt it important to remember that although here I talk about what seems like a journey into surrender the truth is that every moment is an opportunity to surrender to the present awareness of what IS  right NOW.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

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