The simple things

The simple things 

My therapy session allowed for some intense releasing today. Attention was applied to some very deep wounds. First my awareness was drawn to the inflammation, the soreness and the weeping of a wound that had been there for so long, I had become indifferent to it. It had become a regular part of me, something I perhaps no longer noticed.

“Look” she said gently “look at how you are hurting my love.”

I look and she asks, “How did you get it? How long has it been there? Have you ever tried to heal it? Has anyone gently soothed it for you?”

I’m shocked and surprised at the depth of my pain and the soreness of my wound. I’m surprised that my answer is “No. No-one has ever soothed, cleaned or bandaged it and neither have I.”

How have I been enduring this pain?


I cried throughout the hour, as she applies the balm. It’s so painful, I wonder if I can stay or will I pass out and forget the whole thing?

My body is sweating with pain, my t-shirt as wet as my handkerchief.

And then, after some time, she offered to heal me. To tune into my energy field and invite my energy system to release the stuck form that had lodged there.

“It doesn’t feel right” I said “please, just stay with me here in our human form, please stay with me.”

And we sat together till the storm had passed.


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