The Red Thread

In Chinese  and Japanese cultures, the ‘Red Thread of Fate’ is a legand that tells the story about destiny and fate. It is believed that gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another.  This is usually linked to a romantic relationship much like a soul mate.
Red String is also a Jewish custom with its roots in the ancient Kabbalah. The string is worn on the left hand as a symbolic request for spiritual and physical protection and blessings.

“No one actually knows how or exactly when the custom of wearing a red string began. But we do know that every detail contains deep significance”. Says

For me though, the significance of red thread is linked to women’s circles and support. I have attended many gathering where women have shared and joined together for a while. At the end of the gathering we have been invited to pass around a ball of red thread to weave around our wrists. Once everyone is woven in, the thread is detached from the ball and all members are linked via the thread before each individual breaks their piece and secures it onto their wrist.
For me this ritual connects me to women, to our individual and collective stories, strengths and healing.
When I am feeling unsteady, healing my wounds or need the strength of my sisters, I connect to the thread and I remember in mind and spirit that I am not alone. The healing and comfort this has provided me is priceless. The thread, so simplistic, the intention and energy embedded so powerful.

With Love
Emma x

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