June 2015 redtent gathering

Nature Mandala


A beautiful night last night creating a nature mandala at our women’s gathering.

As we discovered, mandalas are a powerful tool for self reflection and creation.
None of us had ever created one before so we were open to the process unfolding without any preconceived ideas.
We enquired within for intuitive knowledge of what we knew and believed about mandalas and found that we all had some congruent ideas and feelings, such as mandalas are sacred and a vehicle for creativity.

Before we began we set an intention for our creation, which was women’s circles and what they mean to us individually and collectively.
We were now in sacred space and mindful of our thoughts, our bodies and feelings. The energy in the room became softer and felt more precious.



Being mindful helped us to be aware of our inner process of creation, as well as where our energy was and how we felt as we made choices and decisions. Being present helped us to percieve how we felt about the decisions other people made and how they affected us.
We enquired into what the different items meant and how we felt about them, discussing how cherries brought up a feeling of sensuality, and why a rose seemed appropriate for the centre.

We built outwards, intuiting what was needed. The shift in energy was huge and we all felt the steady grounding influence of mountain energy as we placed rocks into the mandala.

One of my favourite things was adding soil. At first I wanted to place it carefully, being anxious to not ‘make a mess.’ After noticing and voicing my concern I was able to let go and throw it on, unaware just how how liberating such a small act could be.


Once completed we felt it appropriate to hold a small ceremony sending love to all women, past, present and future, before discussing how we would go about dismantling  the mandala.
Some women felt they wanted to mindfully take it apart piece by piece. I made a suggestion that we just pick up the sheet it was on and throw the mandala onto the garden. I loved the idea of just letting go without a song or dance or ceremony. Does letting go have to be difficult?
The energy shifted into a nervous, daring and giggly excitement. It felt ‘naughty’ somehow, like we shouldn’t be doing it.

In case you are wondering, we did do it. We scooped it up, ran outside and threw it  back to the earth and it felt great! A lesson for all of us.

With Love Emma

If you’d like to join us at a red tent women’s gathering email redtentstaines@hotmail.com

If you’d like to make a nature mandala, join us at our Shamanic Spa Day Retreat for Women
18th July, Hertfordshire. click on link see website for details.
Shamanic Spa Day

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