An energy healer’s perspective of women’s blood mysteries

Energy healing in non-complex terms (because it isn’t complex) is the ability to quiet ones self enough, to feel the subtle vibrations happening all around us. It is sharpening the senses to detect how the energy around something is flowing.

The energy of our body, commonly known as the aura, is moving and changing all the time, Chakras are opening and closing and the energy body is expanding and contracting constantly.
When we want to and when we are still within, we can feel and perceive energy in our own way. For some (including myself) this is a feeling and a knowing. For others it is seen, smelt or heard. It may be that it’s all of those things, but usually people are stronger in one or two of their senses.

Everything is energy and everything is vibrating at it’s own unique frequency.

When people arrive for an energy healing session it’s easy for me to feel where energy is freely flowing and vibrating and how expanded or contracted their aura is and how each chakra is responding to the environment or stimulus.

Consulting with a person one time only, doesn’t really give me a complete picture of what’s going on because the energy body and chakras are moving and changing all the time. It’s only after a few sessions that a pattern starts to emerge of how a person’s energy is flowing or not and therefore where to focus our intention.

What does energy healing have to do with women’s blood mysteries?

Blood mysteries are the rites of passage in a women’s life, starting with their own birth into the world, the onset of menses, pregnancy and birth of a baby (or project), menopause and finally death.

These moments are transformative, powerful thresholds – a place where powerful energy is collected to help us pass through the doorway of change. Whether we understand this or not doesn’t change it as a fact. Nothing is surer than the fact that WE WILL PASS THROUGH. The variables are; how we pass and how we feel before, during and after.
sacred-blood-image-16Another fact about these portals of change is that we have the potential to be at our strongest, because we are at our most vulnerable. All the thresholds within the blood mysteries are highly vulnerable times in a women’s life cycle, and so paradoxically they are our greatest opportunities to show our strength, wisdom and power through this vulnerability.

What’s the point of being conscious of the blood mysteries?

It’s a good question, and for a very long time the majority of us haven’t been conscious or aware of our inner thresholds.

“Our conditioning to the Newtonian world of everyday reality (means) we are not trained, generally speaking, to attend to the subtle energies” (Tom Kenyon)

Tom Kenyon (The Magdalen Manuscript) explains

“The art of alchemy is simply changing one form into another………All successful alchemies must have three elements 1) a substance to be transformed; 2) a container to hold the alchemical reaction; and 3) energy……….with internal alchemies the containers are more abstract (than say a physical cup). The container for internal alchemy is awareness itself-in other words mental focus.”

Energy healers understand that energy follows awareness. It is how we create alchemy. The substance to be transformed is the vibration or energy field of a person. The container is the intension or ‘mental focus’ as Kenyon puts it and the energy is awareness or consciousness. We can ramp up the internal energy with an external energy such as a ritual, ceremony, or using the elements etc.

The point of women being conscious of their blood mysteries in my opinion, is to hold a container for the energy that is already there, and then using our intention, we can direct it in a way that transforms, heals and prepares us for the next stage of life. By using ceremony and rituals such as a blessing way, in preparation for birth or a maiden ceremony to celebrate the beginning of menstruation, we equip girls and women with all the energy (awareness) they need to pass over the threshold of change, feeling empowered, supported and understood.


With our consciousness fully switched on we can utilize the energy that is already there, such as the chemical reactions taking place in the body during puberty and use it as leverage to propel ourselves forward into the spiritual dimensions of our femininity.

A lack of understanding of our own or another’s ‘internal alchemy’ or spiritual dimensions, can in my experience lead to unconscious acts of energetic, emotional, spiritual and psychological disharmony.

Women are most at risk of their energy body becoming dysfunctional during these times of high energetic transformation.
For example, if the energy present at the onset of a girl’s first blood is met with a response of shame, disgust, disappoint or rejection etc, there is a high possibility that the huge amount of energy present in the girls energetic body, will be assimilated or absorbed by the young women in ways that mirrors the external stimuli she is receiving. The young women’s energy body may take in the shame, disgust and rejection felt and then it becomes her truth of what she belives herself to be, until something sparks a change, releases and transforms that energy. It could happen at anytime, but usually change is sparked by major events such as trauma, the death of a loved one or the birth of a child etc.

“The stage of the mother is life at its zenith. This is the time when women meet the creatrix and merge with the Divine matrix of life through the blood mystery of childbirth…The prime lesson of this blood mystery regards surrender and control. It is the paradoxical discovery that only by letting go do we gain mastery. For women who cannot or choose not to have children, this discovery may occur with the first fully passionate commitment to creative work…Birth gives us an opportunity to stand at the gateway or portals between worlds, and learn beyond forgetting the ultimate source of our power and creativity” Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard (The Women’s Wheel Of Life 2012)

powerful pregnant
If a women whist physically giving birth, (with the tremendous energy surge available) is told and helped to understand, that her body is the ultimate source of wisdom and knowing, and if she is helped to feel heard and understood, then, at this threshold she may transform of the energy of shame, reflected to her at her first blood.
If however, during this vulnerable and powerful time, she is instilled with the fear that her body may not be able to cope, or told or suggested to that the ‘medical professionals’ are the experts of her body and her baby, then that energy will most probably be used once again, to confirm shame, disappointment and inadequacy etc.

Every time a women walks up to a threshold she has the potential to transform by using the huge store of energy available to her.

Of course we can change and make energy available at every moment in life and we all have the potential to transform in each and every moment if we allow it. Women’s blood mysteries are rites of passage, they are an in-built ceremony, they’re the shooting star moments, the eclipse, the full moons, the earthquakes and volcanoes. They are energy surges capable of destroying something, but if used as a container for positive change, they can propel us forward, crack our casing and break us open, so that we can emerge transformed, stronger, empowered, and more fully aware our multi-dimensional nature.
shooting_stars_by_x_moosaka_x art by Katsaurs

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