Circles for non violence

emmas heart

For women healing from violence.
For a while now I have been dreaming of a women’s healing circle with a central focus of promoting non-violence within ones own being and thus in ones outer experience.

My dreaming is that it will attract women with a desire to heal from domestic abuse, however they have experienced it.

Perhaps they were children with a violent family history, or maybe they themselves have been in a violent relationship, be that physically, emotionally, spiritually or sexually.

In my heart and mind, I am creating a circle that offers a space for women to rest, reflect, share, witness, react, role model, laugh, enquire, cry and learn, but above all, to practice non violence – to be in a ‘soft’ place. That is not say that it won’t be challenging at times (because that is a part of healing) but the challenges will be supported and held from a soft place within and outside of ourselves.


My dream is that women will come to recognise themselves from a deeper and fuller knowing and will no longer accept violence as a part of their reality.
They will have the opportunity to look within and enquire about how violence came to be a part of their story and how to rewrite a new one.

The circle will be a container for deep honesty and communication which will provide a practiced model to take out into the wider community.

I see a monthly or bi-monthly gathering in or around the London area and beyond, eventually spending throughout the country.

Right now I have no idea of who will come forward and be drawn to be a part of this circle or whether it will happen this year, the year after or indeed in 10 years, but this is a step to put my vision out there and make a calling.

If you know anyone (including yourself) that may be interested in joining the circle or perhaps you know someone that may be able to help with putting me in touch with women who may be interested then please pm me or email Emma at

4 thoughts on “Circles for non violence

  1. Paula Thomas says:

    Brilliant Emma wish I lived closer but our circles will eventually be closer and closer as we weave them all together around the globe! Love you ❤

  2. journeyofyoungwomen says:

    Hi Emma –

    I’m in the US, so prolly won’t be joining this imagined peace circle, but I did just run across some wonderful readings and practices for a non-violent circle. You’d prolly want to contact the author (the amazing Miki Kashtan) to be sure it’s cool with her, but if you are just collecting donations to make things sustainable for the gatherings, I bet she’d fully support you using her materials as long as you attribute.. She has a list of 18 Commitments, and there’s a write-up and suggested practices for each. I haven’t looked at all the write ups yet, and noticed that for some you have to noodle around with the links to find all the text>

    AND Would you enjoy it if I quoted from some of your posts and posted (with attribution and links) to my FB pages (Journey of Young Women and Occupy Menstruation) and/or my website

    Blessings, Katharine

    • emmaclarehobson says:

      Good Morning to you Katherine
      Thank you so much for your comment, I was moved by your offering/sharing of ideas and wisdom. Thank you.
      I have had a brief, initial look at Miki’s website and it’s amazing. The 18 commitments, powerful and deeply healing.
      YES please feel free to share my posts/words.
      Much love and gratitude to you and your service to the world.

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