Suffragette, the journey must continue.

Wilds of Wales

Wilds of Wales by Kristen Lee Read

I’ve just arrived home from watching ‘Suffragette’ at the cinema. 3 days ago I was sitting on the land in the wilds of Wales listening to women recall their experiences of the vision quest they had just completed.
We sat upon the floor on rugs and sheepskins with a fire as our centrepiece and it keep us warm and stung our eyes as it circled around us.
Previous to our 3 days and nights out on our solo quest, we had sat and heard, witnessesed and shared our life stories whist we peeled and chopped the vegetables for dinner that night. Some of us crocheted, wove, and doodled  as the stories were recounted one by one. Our creativity was stopped in it’s tracks occasionally when the pain of a women’s sharing  gripped our hearts or when her Joy over tender moments caused our eyes to blur with tears. Tissues were passed, gratitude was given, sorrow, pain and joys were shared.

I came home from the cinema with a renewed fire in my belly and pride for all the women who dared to show up last week and do the work necessary to heal themselves and all our ancestors, as well as our future generations.
It had occurred to me recently that I am the ancestor to the future generations. Since all time is now I hear them call upon me.
I hear them give thanks for the healing I dared to do, I hear them ask why I didn’t do more to save the tress from being cut down and our waters from being poisoned? I hear them ask why, like the Suffragettes, I didn’t fight fiercely to protect all life? I call out and say I’m sorry for that which I neither had the strength or courage to do. I receive their love and gratitude for that which I did have the strength for.
I came home feeling connected to the women who fought for our rights nearly 100 years ago. The ones who sacrficed there lives, their families, their health, their reputations and safety. I am in awe of them and what they have done for us all.

I call upon their fearlessness and tenacity as I feel the next wave of women’s rights needing a similar force behind it.


Because of those sacrifices we have the right to vote, but we mustn’t stop. We must continue forward, challenging a patriarchal system that continues to undermine women and the feminine principle. Whilst I’m sure the Suffragettes wanted equality with men, I don’t for one minute think they wanted us to sacrifice our femininity and become like men, stripping ourselves of our sacred feminine principles to get heard and feel valued, trusted and respected.

I have spent this last year being encouraged by ‘The School of Shamanic Midwifery ‘ to stand in my power and authenticity as a woman. A woman who lives in cycles, who bleeds and creates and bleeds and births until she bleeds no more, no longer needing her blood to remind and connect her to her awesome power source.

I have spent the year learning the effects of women being disempowered, humiliated, disgraced, ignored, shamed, hurt, and abused during her life here on Earth. This is especially damaging during the vulnerable rites of passage of; menstruation, pregnancy, birth, menopause and death and the consequences of this upon the world and all in it, is devastating.

And so when I feel ashamed of my truth, when I feel silenced, when I feel disempowered, when I feel like the world doesn’t want to know that women bleed, I will think of my sister suffragettes and draw upon their courage to bring forth a new vision, a new equality and a new appreciation and understanding of that which is WOMAN.

Let us keep moving forward. Let’s dare to keep opening our mouths, speaking our truths, pushing our agendas, challenging the system and the 1000’s of years of male dominance. Lets reclaim our lands, our bodies, our rights, our wisdom, our intelligence, our creativity, our songs, our medicines, our potions, our broomsticks and cauldrons, our intuitions and dreams, our lioness roars, our vulnerability and innocence and our war cry’s.
Let’s birth our drums and our dreams and play them for all to hear.
Let’s beat our drums to rebalance the patriarchal society, let’s beat our drums to stop wars, deforestation, violence, rape, abuse, poisoning of the Earth, the programming of our children, the abuse during birth, the shaming of our bodies, and so on and so on and so on.
Let’s beat our drums.

Warming Our Drums

Warming Our Drums by Jane Hardwicke Collings

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6 thoughts on “Suffragette, the journey must continue.

  1. Lou says:

    Such truth, written with eloquence and passion, thank you for sharing, and yes, woman must continue to reclaim all that the Patriarchal society has robbed them of !! I give thanks to the ancestors xxx

  2. janehcollings says:

    Emma you are so eloquent thank you for speaking this truth, our truth as woman and I am covered in goosebumps reading your words. I stand here on an early misty morning in Australia and I feel you and all our Sisters around the world and I promise to stand by you, to stand together with you, to to stand together with all women and all men as we make this transition, transformation actually, to the new way of being with each other where there isnt even a hint that women and everything about us – including and especially our blood – is less than or dirty or shameful etc etc etc. And we know its happening…Blessed Be and Blessed Do…
    Love Jane Hardwicke Collings xxxx

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