The creative process of birth


A few Saturdays ago I gave birth.
I’d experienced a conscious conception, full of excitement & containing the perfect burst of energy needed to create life. My pregnancy lasted 4 weeks and 3 days and was full of the usual ups and downs of pregnancy. Labour started at 6am with a nervous stomach and a kind of dread. “I’m not ready” “I don’t want to do this” “Why did I think this was a good idea?” my inner voice cried.

I’m not talking about a human baby, but a project, an event that I held called ‘Transforming Cycles’.

The reason I refer to it as a birth is because that’s exactly what it was. A birth of a creative idea that I incubated, nurtured and delivered into the manifest world complete with the tender sadness of ‘baby blues’ when it was over.

Birth is birth, whether it is the birth of a being or a project and we can experience it in a similar way, whether we are conscious of it or not.
I have delivered 3 human children and I can absolutely say that the birth of ‘Transforming Cycles’ was nowhere near as physically challenging, but there were subtle, yet powerful similarities and learning which I used to extract wisdom and learning from.
Transforming Cycles is a course designed to teach how the cycles of life, nature and people are interwoven and meaningful.
By creating a multi layered circular map of cycles; including; time, moon, seasons, life cycles and the menstrual cycle, we can navigate around knowing where we have come from, where we are now and where we are going. It also helps us to see that we are in an ever-changing motion which can be comforting when life feels challenging. If you are a sun lover and find winter difficult it is good to know that summer will return.

My personal experience of creating this event and using the map as a guide, has helped me to identify where I need more support, and when it would be best for me to do certain things. For instance, I delivered the workshop on day 21 of my menstrual cycle – a day when I typically feel less sociable and I lean toward being more sensitive. When we layer this upon the map of the seasons, day 21 sits within the season of autumn, which energetically is an inward flowing season – A time when most tress and plants are drawing back into the earth in preparation for winter.

I wondered whether it would have been ‘easier’ for me had I presented the workshop just before ovulation, when my energy felt more outward and my desire to socialize at a peak – a time when I was holding more summer energy and open to being ‘out there’ in full bloom?
I will definitely try it as a comparison next time I present the workshop.

Living as nature and re-learning how to flow with our natural rhythms isn’t very easy in this fast paced patriarchal, capitalist society, where time is money and money is needed for survival. Where logic is celebrated over intuition and production over well being. Where women need to bring forth their masculine energy in order to compete and survive in a male dominated environment and the changeability of women is seen as a hindrance rather than a blessing.

Learning about the inter relatedness of all things has help me to tune into my natural state of being. It has given me knowledge and understanding which in turn has empowered my decisions and sense of identity. Instead of shrinking and shying away from that which I am, from that which is woman. I celebrate and acknowledge it rather than hide and deny my feelings and needs.

MD Louann Brizendine ‘The Female Brain’ states, “Biology does represent the foundation of our personalities and behavior tendencies. But if in the name of free will-and political correctness-we try to deny the influence of biology on the brain, we begin fighting our own nature”.

I believe women’s empowerment should come from within and ripple outwards. I don’t want to wait for others to give me permission to honour my nature or for the patriarchy to wake up to the unique gifts of women and tell us that we can now step forward.

I want to arm myself with knowledge and make my own choices about what I need, what I can do, and what I want.

By seeing this event as a birthing process from conception to birth and beyond-a cycle within a cycle, I am able to see what my energy was like at the beginning of the cycle and how it affected the continuing journey. I can relate and over lap the map of my own life cycle or my relationship to the seasons to see common threads and energy patterns and heal whatever arises whilst learning more about my personal creative process.
I can look back to the births of my children to pick up similarities, like reaching that point where I felt I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t go on and having the opportunity to perhaps do things differently with more support and consciousness than I maybe had way back then,  giving me the opportunity to heal. We don’t have to go back into the actual event. As an energy healer and shamanic practitioner I work on the understanding that everything is connected and healing anywhere on the web of our experiences can not fail to touch the whole.

Creating is creating whether it is a baby, an event, a lifestyle, a book, a painting etc it all comes from inspiration, and travels along the lines of possibility until we hold it steady enough to manifest it and if we are aware and connected to ourselves we can intentionally direct and use it as tool for healing and empowerment.

I will be running ‘Transformational Cycles‘ periodically throughout the year please connect with me on to register your interest.

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