What lies beyond our edges?

Last night the Women gathered.

We gathered around a cracking fire, under deep rolling thunder and an electrically charged night. It felt powerful and magical with the elements making themselves so present.


As is common in a red tent we discussed the outer world energy as a tool for us to reflect our inner dimensions and connect us to the whole.

And there was a lot to talk about, with the upcoming Full Moon and Solstice on Monday/Tuesday (20-21st June 2016)

The last time a full moon and solstice happened in such close proximity was 1948 so it’s not so common.

As the moon cycles she waxes and wanes continually journeying from the veil of rested darkness into full illumination and back again, reminding us all that everything changes and we are in a continuous evolution of releasing and becoming.

At 12.02pm (BST) on Monday 20th June she will be in her fullest illumination, shining as much as She can. Technically the Moon is at her fullest for no more than a minute but with the naked eye she will look full for about 3 days.

At 23.34 (BST) on Monday 20th June the Sun will be the furthest away from the equator (in the Northern Hemisphere) as He can be. After He will come ever closer until he reaches his nearest point to the equator at winter solstice in December.

Both the Sun and the Moon will be at their edges on the same day

As I thought about this I wondered what lay beyond those edges and how we as humans experience our own edges and beyond?

How do we feel, when like the moon, we are at our fullest and most illuminated?  Or when we are at the edge of our boundary–at our furthest most point, as the sun will be very soon?

What also struck me about this time was the representation of the Masculine and Feminine, represented here by the Sun (masculine) and the Moon (feminine) and how they were both ‘out there’ for all to see, fully illuminated together. Perhaps an important message as we humans struggle to find a balance with the masculine and feminine energies and how it seems to me that the patriarchal system is taking us out to the edge of our comfort with so much war, greed and addiction to power?

And so what does lie beyond those edges? 
Expansion, potential, possibility, growth, death?


Maybe the question is what would we like there to be, what is our longing?

This is a question I invited our circle to contemplate as we allowed the ancient flute music to carry us to and beyond our boundaries. To allow the longing of the flute and the longing of our souls and hearts to be carried beyond our perceived limitations into a more expanded state.

Take a moment with this magical music to tune into your longing and allow yourself to go beyond what you thought was possible.

Carlos Nakai – Flute Music

Wherever you are and however you choose to be with the energies present to us at this time, may you be well, feel held and a part of the flow of life.
With Love
Emma x

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