An energy healer’s perspective of women’s blood mysteries

Women's blood mysteries are rites of passage, they are an in-built ceremony, they’re the shooting star moments, the eclipse, the full moons, the earthquakes and volcanoes. They are energy surges capable of destroying something, but if used as a container for positive change, they can propel us forward, crack our casing and break us open, so that we can emerge transformed, stronger, empowered, and more fully aware our multi-dimensional nature.

The simple things

The simple things My therapy session allowed for some intense releasing today. Attention was applied to some very deep wounds. First my awareness was drawn to the inflammation, the soreness and the weeping of a wound that had been there for so long, I had become indifferent to it. It had become a regular part of … Continue reading The simple things

Is it time to feel?

Is it time to come around from the anesthetic and to FEEL, and to LIVE? Through the persistent and consistent teachings of life (my life), I have begun to understand that ALL external events are representations of our inner world including our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. We are blessed with the freedom to believe this … Continue reading Is it time to feel?