Red Tents

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What is a red tent?


Red tent is a women’s movement with an intention to create a space where women can come together to support each other on a deeper level than other meetings usually allow.

It is a sacred space where women are invited to listen, share, acknowledge and support.

It is a circle of Women who gather with the purpose to explore their inner world in a safe environment.

What happens at a Red Tent Gathering?


Each red tent is different and greatly depends on the individual wants, needs and focus, but they all hold a similar structure.

A typical rent tent may look something like this.

  • Women are invited to gather (which may happen around the time of the full or new moon)
  • Gatherings are offered free or on a donation basis making the space accessible to all.
  • We all sit in circle on chairs or the floor and light a candle to open the circle.
  • We may have a meditation to help connect us.
  • We sharing how we are, what kind of a month we’ve had, whats gone well and what we are struggling with. There is plenty of time to chat, laugh and cry.
  • Women are encouraged to listen deeply and only offer guidance or feedback if it is asked for.
  • A talking bowl or stick is passed around so that each women is given the time they need to speak without interruption.
  • Sometimes we have a theme to help us deepen our inner wisdom and interaction, such as exploring our shadow side or the wisdom of our menstrual cycles.
  • We may have time where we can share our gifts and offer a foot massage or healing touch.
  • Chanting, singing or reading stories or poems sometimes happens
  • At a pre set time we close the circle and blow out the candles
  • We then share the food we have each brought and have more chat and giggles.

Being in circle is a learning and growing experience that draws upon the wisdom and experience, commitment and courage of each one in it. They are places to practice honest and caring communication, until this is what you expect from others in your life. In this way, it can lead us to change the patriarchal structure of all our relationships.
Jean Shinoda Bolen The Millionth Circle1999

The Red Tent Directory is website with a list of many red tents in the uk.

I hold a monthly red tent in Staines upon Thames, Surrey. Email for more information, gathering dates and times.
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Emma is a trained intuitive healer, shamanic practitioner, massage therapist and Teacher of Women’s Mysteries.
She holds a monthly Red Tent, Events and 1:1 Sessions.

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