“A beautiful, nourishing, safe and soft womb like space which enables the exploration of powerful and even taboo subjects in an honest, open supportive environment”.
“I didn’t realise I could have related so differently to menstruation and harnessed it’s magic and power. Emma has opened a door for me to mysteries and wonders deep inside myself. With deepest gratitude and love. T xxx  Feb 2015

“It felt liberating and healing to begin to explore and share these experiences, some of which have been long-buried, and opened a door for me to continue on this journey of deep feminine wisdom and healing'”
Love C x Feb 2015

“The space created was friendly and welcoming and was perfect to delve into this amazingly powerful work, wow, who knew?”
Thanks J January 2015

I feel that Emma is helping me by guiding me to my true self. She opens up your mind to a positive way of thinking and helps you through your journey. I am, at the moment, seeing Emma due to lack of self worth and self esteem issues. The environment that Emma has made in her therapy room, allows me to shed my stresses and negativity and completely relax. She gently leads you to self awareness and positive thinking. She brings along, warmth, healing and understanding. She has a nurturing and non-judgemental way about her so that you feel completely safe and at ease.I feel, that with Emma’s guidance and support I can find that person that I am supposed to be.
Sandra Hinge Surrey


I’ve worked with a number of different practitioners over the years seeking a variety of different treatments. Emma possesses a genuine talent that far surpasses anyone I’ve ever worked with. She artfully blends her knowledge around 3 key subjects (mind, body & spirit) in a powerful and effective way. I’ve sought treatment from Emma for sciatica, depression and back pain. After each and every treatment I’ve left feeling more hopeful and far clearer about the problem and how I influence the presence and ultimately the absence of the issue. Often, Emma is able to heal the issue in one session. I’m truly grateful for the tools I’ve acquired working with Emma, for her compassion and her genuine talent.
I HIGHLY recommend Emma to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life be it physical, mental or emotional.
Natalie Long June 2011


Emma creates a very safe space for her healings and you are instantly assured you are in the hands of a professional. She uses a wide variety of methods to get to the heart of the matter and works intuitively following the guidance she receives. I could really feel the energy shift within me and I recommend Emma wholeheartedly.

Lisa Dorey-The Angel Interpreter

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Emma is a trained intuitive healer, shamanic practitioner, massage therapist and Teacher of Women’s Mysteries.
She holds a monthly Red Tent, Events and 1:1 Sessions.

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