1:1 Sessions

I offer a limited number of private sessions for each of the following

  • Consciousness conversation
  • Energy Healing
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Energy Massage

Consciousness Conversation

Private sessions for individuals to explore and raise their awareness and confidence as multi-dimensional beings.
Sessions are usually 1hr, where we will explore & release limiting beliefs, behaviours and feelings that no longer serve you.
Stepping into a new version of you can be challenging and often times scary. Changes may be happening around you as the old falls away to allow the new. I act as a friend and a guide helping you transition.

Sessions are usually 1hr  £50  Skype available

Energy Healing

Trained at the school of Energetic Cellular Healing by Tjitze De Jong and working from the understanding that blocked energy causes limited thinking, patterns of behaviour and physical illness, I offer healing sessions to individuals open to increasing their own understanding of their energy body, so as to empower and self heal.
With each healing session individuals will gain a deeper understanding of their aura, chakra points, common energy patterns, blocked areas and how to release them.
I work on the understanding that we all are healers and we all heal ourselves. I act as a guide, support and teacher to those things that we have perhaps forgotten

Sessions are usually 1hr  £50 in person only

Shamanic Healing

Trained at the school of Shamanic Womancraft by Jane Hardwick Collings and working on the understanding that everything is connected and a part of the whole, I offer shamanic healing sessions to those that resonate with this practice.
Sessions usually include a drum journey and a sharing to help unpack of the symbology and wisdom experienced.
Sessions are held as sacred ceremony and ritual.
You will meet power animals and guides to help you navigate through challenges.
I will help you to listen deeply to the conversations with the universe that are happening constantly whether we are aware of it or not.

Sessions are usually 1hr £50 in person only

Women only Energy Massage

Trained in holistic massage at the McTimoney Chiropractic College and then in advanced clinical massage at the Jing school of massage, Brighton, I offer energy massage to bring the physical body back into balance. Tuning into the aura and rhythm of the body I massage with intuitive precision, unblocking areas of stagnant energy, encouraging flow and well being.

Sessions usually 1hr  £50  in person only