Workshops and Events

Women’s Empowerment


Discovering The Ancient Wisdom Of The Divine Feminine

May 3rd & 4th 2014 Findhorn Inverness

For Women Drawn To


Their Truth

Do you notice yourself wanting to speak out but don’t? 

Do you feel guilty?

Is it difficult for you to to stand in your power or be vulnerable?

Do you put the needs of others first?

Who is this workshop for?

Women who wish to look deeper into the truths of the divine feminine and how to awaken her within you.

Any woman who feels they are ready to shed the layers of silence, and suppression.

Any women who feels ready to reclaim and embrace their wisdom, power and heart energy.

Why Join Us?

Because you know it’s time to awaken and strengthen your personal creative life force energy.

Because you long to remember your joy

Because your Heart Guides you

Because you wish to feel strong and powerful, whilst connected and living through your heart.

What to expect

We will unravel the Alchemies of the ancient mystery schools.

We will shine light, love and understanding onto the darkness of oppression through the ages to present day.

WE will be awakening and strengthening your personal  creative life force energy.

We will call in the Goddess, hear her pain, cleanse her, soothe her, and awaken her.

The weekend will end with a powerful ceremony where we will initiate the powerful Goddess energy into your life.

women in ritual

What is the cost?

The cost for the weekend is £100 for both days which includes refreshments and a delicious homemade soup lunch.

How do I book?

You can book by contacting Janet on 07725998752 or through facebook or email.

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